Friday, February 28, 2020

Answering Questions Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 6

Answering Questions - Research Paper Example more, Swift also rose to a respected position in society, in league with Irish noblemen who maintained wealth, rental estates and worked with business leaders to promote commerce. During this period, many Irish landlords did not adequately maintain their rental properties and also used their resources to promote exportation of products rather than allocating them for domestic consumption. These noblemen were often criticized by the poor and disadvantaged for these behaviors due to the suffering it imposed. Swift, rather than flatly risking his position of respect in the community, chose to use irony to get his point across without angering nobleman landlords with direct accusations and statements. By adding humor to his rather harsh and critical essay, he could gain favor and keep his position of brotherhood with other well-to-do Irish and British citizens. Swift’s determination that the best course of action for curing the plight of the destitute was to use children as food for the impoverished, suggesting they be fattened like cattle to provide greater sustenance. The ironic approach to providing literary criticism was to shock audiences after they began to empathize with the situation of the impoverished. Much of this was due to Swift’s personality in which he labeled himself a person who served interests of human liberty and could not be imitated. These were direct self-observations on Swift’s self-written epitaph, therefore he wanted to use irony to distinguish himself from other satirists and authors as one who was innovative in approach and that would leave a lasting legacy on culture and society. Moreover, during this time period there were growing tensions between Ireland and the British Empire during a period where Britain was using its military might to consume regions and make them part of the Empire. Many of the aforementioned noblemen were loyal to the British throne and worked with ambassadors of the Crown to promote trade and business

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