Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Book Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Book Review - Essay Example This particular nature of history has been the subject matter of many a powerful writings through the years. Thus, we have one of the best literatures which deals with the aforementioned characteristics of history with the specific examples of the African-American context in the book Race and Revolution by Gary B. Nash. Nash, a prominent social historian, through the extra ordinary ways of description and analysis, deals with many such related issues in his book. Leon F. Litwack, author of Been In The Storm So Long, makes the following observation on the blurb of the book Race and Revolution by Gary B. Nash. â€Å"The best history makes a difference in how we think about and feel the past. Race and Revolution is an important, tough-minded, provocative group of essays that contributes to our understanding of the most debilitating virus in the American system. Not only has Gash Nash illuminated the critical challenge of race and slavery in the revolutionary era and ‘the most tra gic failure’ of American leaders, but he has brought to the forefront the long ignored role of black revolutionists in the early struggles for freedom.† (Gary 1990). In the book Nash, a professor of history at the University of California, Los Angeles, presents three wonderful essays in the title ‘The Revolutionary Generation Embraces Abolitionism,’ ‘The Failure of Abolitionism’ and ‘Black Americans in a White Republic’ and sustaining annotated documents for each of the chapter dealing with the ignored subject of slavery all through the Revolutionary era. Race and Revolution can be treated as an incisive reading of the revolutionary peoples early efforts to make clear their obvious opposition to slavery and the characteristic features of their revolution. The book also looks into the eventual compromises of the people which made the society undamaged but gave the protection of the government following the tear

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