Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Maria Isabella Boyd aka Belle Boyd Essay -- biographies bio biography

Have you ever dreamt of living an adventurous life? Well for me that was reality. I was a spy and actress, mercilessly charming Union officers into giving me information. Dubbed 'La Belle Rebelle' by a French war correspondent, I went by the name Belle Boyd instead of my original name, Maria Isabella Boyd. I have gone in and out of jail, marriages, and careers (three of each). Throughout the whole ordeal though, I have been constant in my loyalty to the Confederacy. Born on May 4, 1843, I was raised just like any other southern lady. My father was a merchant, and I grew up in Martinsburg, West Virginia with my parents, several brothers, one sister, and grandmother. I attended Mount Washington Female College of Baltimore from age 12 to 16. Ever since I can remember I?ve been getting into all sorts of trouble. Once when I was 10, I rode my pony into the hallway of my house causing havoc. I was known to be a fun-loving debutante. People described my voice as low and charming and my figure flawless. It was odd how I was considered either extremely beautiful or completely plain because ...

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